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Cheetah Locksmith Beverly Hills offers quick and professional services! We are fast like a Cheetah and are licensed locksmiths who are ready to save the day. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions, we are open 24/7 to help you!

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We are available 24/7, Call us for a quicker response!

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121 Le Doux Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Our technicians are ready around the clock for your emergency call. We are the best in the business when it comes to arrival time! We are also very professional and can assess a situation quickly – this means you are in good hands! We want our customers to feel safe and we provide excellent service so that you can sleep at night even after an unpleasant emergency situation.


Locked out of your car? CALL Cheetah Locksmith Beverly Hills! Our service is available for any auto emergency. Call us if you need the car unlocked, a new car key made or programmed, or even need an ignition fix! We do it all, and of course, we do it quickly!



At Cheetah Locksmith Beverly Hills, We value customer safety. We would never jeopardize your security and will always have your best interest in mind. Please allow us the opportunity to help you with any residential locksmith need, and we promise we won’t disappoint!


If you work at or own a commercial building or property, you know how important access and security are. We will help find solutions for your access needs, and will always find a way to keep your building secure at all times. We will work to create a system that works for your needs and priorities. 

Full range of Locksmith Services

Cheetah Locksmith Beverly Hills is the home of the best and most qualified local locksmiths in town. Our motto is “arrive quickly and do the job right”. We understand that most Locksmith situations are emergencies. Therefore, we strive to provide excellent service with the fast response time. At Beverly Hills Locksmith we also understand that the customer’s security and confidentiality is a high priority, so we make sure all of our technicians are trained and experienced before going out on the field. 


If you are ever in need of a locksmith, whether it is an emergency situation, like a house lockout, or a less pressing matter, like a lock rekey, we are here at your service! 


Do not hesitate to call is even just to ask for guidance or help on the phone, we are happy to assist. Our experienced staff will be glad to help you with anything you need, from regular lock repairs to a new car key. Cheetah Locksmith Beverly Hills is a proud family-owned company that puts the customer first. We have been around for years and plan on staying here for many more years to come! 


We offer a variety of services, from residential to auto, and also commercial. We have specialists who have years of experience in each field. Whether you need a locksmith since you just moved into a new house, or because it’s an emergency, call Cheetah Locksmith Beverly Hills for help, and we will be at your service in minutes! 


Questions and Answers

Q: Are you licensed? 

A: Yes! We are fully licensed bonded and insured. All of our technicians undergo a background check and hold the appropriate licensing according to the state of CA. 


Q: How quickly can you get to me, I am locked out. 

A: As the name suggests, Cheetah Locksmith Beverly Hills will arrive lightning fast! Call us for an exact time frame for arrival, but depending on your location and our availability, we usually arrive at a locksmith emergency within 15-25 minutes. 


Q: Can you pick my lock or will you have to drill it? 

A: depending on the type of lock you have, we may need to use one way or the other. Most common locks can be picked, and about 80% of the time we are able to unlock a customer’s door without any damage! 

Q: Can you replace my lock after it’s drilled?
A: We will always ensure that you have a functioning lock when we are done. We have a plethora of locks in our trucks and can usually replace any lock right there and then. Sometimes, we have to place a special order, but that is rare. If that’s the case, we will do whatever we can to expedite the process for our Cheetah Locksmith in Beverly Hills customers. 

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: We accept payments in many forms: Cash, card, and even Venmo money transfer. 

Q: How much is a car key replacement?
A: There are hundreds of different car key types and pricing depends on the make, model, and year of your car. Call us with that information and you will receive a price quote in seconds!