The Strangest Places to Look for Your Lost Keys

Misplacing items such as house or car keys is a normal occurrence for most of us, often at the most inconvenient times! In most cases, keys have certainly been put down on a different surface to normal, or left in a different pocket or bag, but in some cases, it’s worth looking for keys in some more unusual places if they aren’t in the jacket you wore last.

In the lock

If you have searched your home high and low and failed to uncover your lost keys, it may be that they have been in the lock of your door all along. When we come into the house in a rush, with our hands full with boxes, bags or loose items from the car, it can be easy to turn the key, push the door open, put down what you are carrying and close the door behind you, forgetting about the key all together.

On the roof of the car

In the same way that people leave keys in the lock, another common mishap is to leave keys on the roof of the car when your hands are full. You might need to carry dozens of boxes into the house, so if you’ve already opened the front door, you might put your keys down for a second to free up hand space, only to forget once you are inside the house.

In the toilet

Keys can end up in the toilet easier that you would think. If you have your keys in a shirt pocket and lean over to flush the toilet, it wouldn’t be too unlikely for them to fall out.

With your pet’s things

If you’re suddenly missing your keys or other items, it might be worth checking your pet’s bed, or any other area that they like to stash their things. Pet’s can be notorious for grabbing things and moving them around, even when they know they shouldn’t!

Inside the refrigerator or pantry

If you get home and head straight to the fridge or pantry to grab a snack whilst you’ve still got your keys in your hand, it’s only natural to put them down if you need the use of both or your hands to open a bag, box or bottle.

In the bin

We’ve all thrown the wrong objects away through distraction. If you have your mind on something else and pick up a pile of rubbish that needs to be thrown away, whilst still holding your keys, it wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary for them to accidentally end up in the bin, whether this be your kitchen bin or an outdoor bin.

In your pockets

It’s unlikely you would lose your keys in the pockets of your jeans, but in a rain jacket, or other large heavy coat with longer, bigger pockets, your keys could easily find a hiding place there.

In the washing machine or dryer

If you don’t find your keys in your pockets, it could be that your keys have ended up in the laundry and may go through the washing or drying cycle before you find them!

Where it’s supposed to be

In some cases, on a second look, you might find that your keys were there all along, perhaps hidden by another item!

What to do if your keys are lost and can’t be found?

If you can’t find your keys and can’t access spares, you should call a locksmith in your local area. Even if you are able to get your spare keys, to help ensure your home stays secure, it can be a smart idea to invest in new locks, incase your keys get into the wrong hands. Call Cheetah Locksmith 310-562-8955 or contact us online.

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